Biology for NEET & Board

  • NCERT Book is a base for Medical Entrance Exams. But more information is in between the lines. Since scope of Syllabus for Medical Entrance is vast, i.e. there is sea of subject information, we do our best not to leave any stone unturned

  • ​​Biology is all about Life Science. CBSE curriculum prescribed NCERT Books in Biology for class 11 and 12 basically focus on diversity of living organisms and their evolution. Special mention is of Central Dogma of Life which includes topics like Genetics, Molecular basis of Inheritance, Cell biology. Human Physiology and Plant Physiology are basic Science Chapters. 12th class syllabus focuses on Applied Biology and Environmental Science.


  • Biology is a factual subject which requires clear understanding and application of concepts. Biology subject can't be taken lightly since it carries 5o percent of NEET Exam weight-age. Further, time allotted per question is limited. Thus key is speed with accuracy.

  • Key to have mastery in subject lies in consistency in study and good academic plan. Course is vast and can be justified if you allot regular and and consistent academic plan. Regular revision and practice tests are a must to master the subject


1. Online NEET Biology Classes

  • Our strategy is to first present subject in simple & lucid style and then take student for in-depth subject exercise.Highlights of Online Coaching are:​

    • Discussing outline and major topics and concepts of that particular chapter

    • Easy explanation of each topic with the help of diagrams, flow charts, tables, mind maps etc.

    • In-depth topic discussions​

    • Discussion of NEET Pattern Question Exercise based on that topic

    • Availability of recorded video of that topic for unlimited steaming and revision or if you miss the lecture

    • Doubt sections to post your doubt 24x7 and get explanation in time

    • Complete syllabus covered in time

    • Free classes for one week to gain confidence

    • Very affordable fee. Pay for initially 2 months and then renew for next 2 months. If you want to pay complete session fee than please write to us.

    • Classes every day for 1 hr duration 

    • Doubt clearing every day including Sundays

    • Options to join morning or evening classes

    • Droppers will attend both Class XI and Class XII Sessions

    • Class link for Google Meet will be sent 10 minutes before commencement of classes on registered email.

    • You can opt for study of selected topics

    • 240 hrs of live interactive classes

    • link for study material will be provided

2. Online Biology Classes for XI &NXII 

  • For students requiring tuition in biology to score good marks in Biology in XI exams & XII Board Exams

  • NCERT Biology is neatly explained in lucid and simple manner line by line

  • Information in between the line is explained in interesting manner

  • All figures and diagrams of NCERT Biology book nicely explained

  • End of the chapter exercise is explained in detail

  • Sample papers are discussed

  • Tips and tick of writing Biology Exams and Score higher

  • Very affordable with complete syllabus covered in time

3. Watch NEET Video Course

You can watch Video Courses in Biology in detail for understanding complete Biology course. Highlight of RAVSUN Video Course are:

  • You can study at your own pace​ from comfort of your home

  • Time, energy and money saving from heavy traffic

  • See your topics as many times as you want

  • your need mobile, laptop, tablet and internet connection

  • earphone is good for better listening

  • Very affordable subscription

  • Videos as per standard of NEET Exam with in-depth and easy covering of all the topics. It covers complete NEET Syllabus covering real time NEET Questions

  • "NEET Questions Practice Exercise videos" for each video topic after coverage of that topic. These videos explain NEET questions based on that particular topic​

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