Class 11 Biology Revision Notes​

Simple to understand Biology Revision Notes in snippets form is provided for students to have a quick grasp of the topics covered in respective Chapters.

First unit describes Diversity with 5-Kingdom system and Second unit with Morphology and Anatomy/Histology of Plants and Animals. Third Unit Deals with Unit of Life-Cell and two remaining units are for Physiology of Plants and Animals.

First grasp the main points of each chapter. You can see NCERT Book where main points of chapters are described in the beginning of each chapter. Then see the sub-points and try to grasp the content. Same content is provided here is snippets form for revision and understanding purpose. After getting fundamental concepts you can further proceed for in-depth information about the same topic/s.

Biology is a science of facts. Regular quality notes and consistent revision is must in biology subject. Concept maps, diagrams, flow charts, tables have great significance in mastering the subject.More features like diagrams, flower charts etc. will continuously be added on website. Please keep visiting for further updates on Biology content and other information

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