Photosynthesis Online Biology Class 

  • Following is the list of topics that are covered during online biology classes for NEET preparation.

  • After completion of all the topics of the chapter, MCQs based on NEET Pattern questions are discussed.

  • Doubts during the class are also cleared. You can also post your doubts and we will promptly answer it.

13.1 Introduction

  • Equation

  • History of photosynthesis

  • Magnitude of photosynthesis

13.2 Chloroplast –(the site for photosynthesis)

  • The chloroplast pigments

  • Chlorophylls

  • Carotenoids

  • Carotenes

  • xanthophylls

  • Phycobillins

13.3 Explanation of some important terms and processes related to photosynthesis

  • Nature of light

  • Absorption spectrum and action spectrum

  • Two steps for photosynthesis(light and dark reactions)

  • Two pigment system(photosystem I and Photosystem II)

  • Photosystem I

  • Photosystem II

13.4 Mechanism of photosynthesis

  • Light reaction

  • Noncyclic electron transport pathway

  • Cyclic electron transport pathway

  • Chemiosmotic hypothesis to explain photophosphorylation

  • Assimilatory power

  • Concepts of cyclic and non cyclic photophosphorylation

13.5 Dark reaction or biosynthetic phase

  • Detective search for the dark reaction

  • Calvin cycle or C3 cycle

  • Carboxylation phase

  • Reduction phase

  • Regeneration phase

  • Balance sheet of C3 cycle

13.6 C4 pathway(Hatch and Slack Cycle)

  • C4 plants

  • Biochemical pathway

  • Significance of C4 Cycle

13.7 Photorespiration

  • Biochemical mechanism

  • Importance of photorespiration

13.8 Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM)

  • The concept of limiting factors

  • Factors affecting photosynthesis

  • Significance of photosynthesis

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