Proper Study Plan

Proper planning is necessary for any exam. Candidates must prepare a weekly schedule for completing all the topics well in time. They can assign a fixed number of chapters for each week and complete it properly by going through all the topics in that chapter.

Understand the NEET Syllabus

Aspirants should be totally aware of the biology section of NEET Syllabus before preparing for the exam. The syllabus can give them an idea about the easy and difficult topics in the exam.

Authentic and Easy to Understand Study Material

One of the most important components of any competitive exam is good study materials. Aspirants must refer to comprehensive and standard books which can help them to boost their preparation. They can follow the NCERT books to understand the basic concepts of biology.

Regular Practice MCQs

Candidates must solve and practice a good number of MCQs daily on different topics from different books or questions available on the internet. Solving MCQs can increase the speed and accuracy of the candidate.

Prepare Diagrams, Flow Charts, Tables and Concept Maps

Candidates must be thorough with the diagram based concepts of biology, as many questions in the exam are diagram based.

Solve Previous Year's Question Paper

Previous year's question paper of NEET and AIIMS should be solved by candidates which can give them an idea about the exam pattern and the difficulty level of questions in the exam.

Biology is a very important section for NEET and AIIMS. Candidates should work hard on this section if they are aspiring to become a doctor. They should keep in mind the above-mentioned tips while preparing for the examination.


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