Class 12 Biology NCERT Solutions Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production

1. Explain in brief the role of animal husbandry in human welfare.

2. If your family owned a dairy farm, what measures would you undertake to improve the quality and quantity of milk production?
3. What is meant by the term ‘breed’? What are the objectives of animal breeding?
4. Name the methods employed in animal breeding. According to you which of the methods is best? Why?
5. What is apiculture? How is it important in our lives?
6. Discuss the role of fishery in enhancement of food production.
7. Briefly describe various steps involved in plant breeding.
8. Explain what is meant by biofortification.
9. Which part of the plant is best suited for making virus-free plants and why?
10. What is the major advantage of producing plants by micropropagation?
11. Find out what the various components of the medium used for propagation of an explant in vitro are?
12. Name any five hybrid varieties of crop plants which have been developed in India.

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