Class 12 Biology NCERT Solutions Biotechnology and Its Applications

Crystals of Bt toxin produced by some bacteria do not kill the bacteria themselves because –
(a) bacteria are resistant to the toxin
(b) toxin is immature;
(c) toxin is inactive;
(d) bacteria encloses toxin in a special sac.
2. What are transgenic bacteria? Illustrate using any one example.
3. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of production of genetically modified crops. What are Cry proteins? Name an organism that produce it. How has
man exploited this protein to his benefit?
5. What is gene therapy? Illustrate using the example of adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency.
6. Digrammatically represent the experimental steps in cloning and expressing an human gene (say the gene for growth hormone) into a bacterium like E. coli ?
7. Can you suggest a method to remove oil (hydrocarbon) from seeds based on your understanding of rDNA technology and chemistry of oil?
8. Find out from internet what is golden rice.
9. Does our blood have proteases and nucleases?
10. Consult internet and find out how to make orally active protein pharmaceutical. What is the major problem to be encountered?

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